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Ekim International began in 2001 as a product development firm. We began with a mission to provide affordable product development to companies wishing to make an impact. As the years progressed, we added more talented and knowledgeable staff to the team as well as offering wider capabilities and incorporating state of the art technology. We added machinery in order to regulate the manufacturing process in addition to controlling quality and pricing for our customers. The newest addition to our broad measure of skills is the ability to create rapid prototypes and 3D printing; this provides our customers with a working physical sample they can hold in there hand. So please, let us help bring your idea to life.

The Talent

Michael Baker

Founder & CEO

"I possess over 25 years of design and development experience. I am very proud of my hardworking team and we look forward to collaborating with you."

Kevin Zhao
Tracy Wang

Chief Product Manager

"I carry over 15 years of product development experience, including working directly with customers as well as with our factory and outside vendors."

Jon Osborn
Dean Ellis

Lead Engineer

."I have over 25 years of product development experience including product design and manufacturing."

Andy Yeh

Lead Engineer

"I bring over 18 years of manufacturing experience. I am a qualified designer, and I am very efficient at bringing a product to market."

Rapid Protoype Engineer

"As a graphic artist and designer for over 20 years, I know the value of holding a working part in your hands. The rapid prototyping and 3D printing processes are one of our fastest growing capabilities."

EVP of Manufacturing

"I am very happy to contribute over 20 years of manufacturing experience. My staff and I will do all in our power to bring your product to market as efficient as possible."

Clark Lee
Sophia Lee
Abby Lynn Boyent

Process Control Manager

"I provide more than 10 years of manufacturing experience to our team. I ensure all the products shipped are of the very best quality and produced correctly to customer specifications."

Key Accounts Liason

"Every customer is important to me regardless of the size of the company. I will keep you up to date with constant communications throughout the entire project so you know exactly how your idea is coming along. I diligently answer all your questions with informed responses to ease your mind during the process."

Graphic Artist

"I can help bring your product to life with graphics and package design. I have a fresh new perspective on all the current trends"


Ready to get started? Contact us!

ekim international llc

 new product design and development


Tel: 7067950800

Fax: whats a fax???

434 Coley Davis Road

Box 802

Danielsville, GA. 30633

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